For Local Authorities

If you wish to feature a child’s/children’s profile at Adopt UK Child, please email us at and we will forward you a referral form if you don’t have one already and we will forward you our brochure with regards to costs.

Our referral form has been designed by a social work that has 10 years experience in child protection and 6 years in adoption. The design of the referral form has taken into account social workers increasing work-load hence it is not a lengthy form. We use cutting edge technology to capture statistical information such as ethnicity, types of needs, age etc and disability to inform and evaluate the effectiveness of our family finding service, and plan advertising strategies in this regard. But we do not burden social workers by asking them to complete lengthy forms of statistical data.

We have an automated audited system in place this allows us to monitor the views each child has. We then use this information to target a specific audience and plan effective advertising, including linking research material of different types of adoption needs in reference to the children featured on our website.

The costs of our service are noted on our referral form. However, we are giving a 30% discount per a profile as an opening offer. We only charge per a profile. We do not charge extra for sibling groups.

If you wish to use our website to view children’s profile but do not have any children featured with us you will be charged an annul membership fee of £1, 025. However if you feature children with us you can access the website free by sending us your email address, we will send you a password to access the children’s profiles section.