The Adoption Process

If you wish to become an adoptive parent you will be asked to complete a medical to ensure you are fit and healthy and do not have any serious illnesses.

You will also need to complete a criminal record bureau check. If you have any convictions which are against children or adults and are related to GBH, assaults, arson etc you will not meet the criteria

The social service will also complete statutory checks. This means they will check the files in each council you have lived in for the last 10 years to establish whether you are known and under what category. Checks with the NSPCC will also be completed.

If you have lived abroad you will be expected to provide a criminal record bureaus check from the police authority of that country.

You will be asked to provide at least three references which support your application they must include two friends and one relative.

If you have worked with children, social workers will need to obtain a work reference from your employers.

You will also need an employer’s reference to verify that you do not have any disciplinary action against you.

You will be expected to demonstrate some direct experience of caring for children, such as caring for relatives children (baby sitting etc).

There must be space in your home for children to have a private sleep area and enough space where they can complete homework and play. It is not necessary to have your own garden but there must be nearby green areas and parks for children to have outdoor time.

You must show some understanding of the needs of children who come into care.

You must demonstrate that you are willing to learn and ask for advice when necessary.

We are especially interested in potential adopters who meet the above criteria and have advocating skills. We need potential adopters who can advocate for children in relation to securing better provision for them through out their young lives. (This may include therapeutic services, special educational needs provision.)

We are interested in hearing from potential adopters from all ethnic backgrounds, single carers of either gender, and same sex couples are all welcome.