How is a Child Matched

The child's social worker and the adoption social worker consider fully the child's needs & wishes.

Child's social worker liaises with the adoption social worker with the view to gather all the information they have about the child, this includes medical reports, school reports, child's permanency report (this report contains all the information about the child since they came into care and includes their birth parents history including details of their siblings). This information is exchanged. The adopters receive the child' information and the social workers read the adopters report.

After the adopters have read all the reports and wish to go ahead with the match the child's social worker & the adoption social worker visit adopters who are accompanied by their own social worker.

If it is a suitable match and all parties are in agreement with this the prospective adopters have the option to meet with the agencies medical advisor to hear first-hand about a child's medical needs and medical history. An Adoption Placement Report & Adoption Support plan are drawn up and presented to the prospective adopters. If satisfied, they sign that they have seen all the paperwork and agree to the proposed match

The match is taken to the adoption panel, which makes a recommendation.

The agency decision maker has 7 days to ratify the recommendation of the panel.

The agency then writes to the adopters outlining the agency's proposals on the adoption placement.

The child's social worker, adoption social worker, adopters and their social worker, the foster carers (The child is usually cared for by foster carers before she/he moves to their new adoptive family) meet to plan the transition/move.